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Koru FX Pro LP/A

Take Charge of Your Tired Joints

Professional-grade support at home.

Fast Acting

Long Lasting

All Natural

It isn't about age...

Age may bring change, but that doesn't mean it has to restrict our lives. All too often, our joints become the limiting factor in our activities and freedom. They can limit the time we spend with loved ones, hinder our fitness, limit our hobbies and even make simple tasks difficult. Don't let tired joints be your limitation.

Limited activities and decreased enjoyment.

Simple tasks become difficult.

Missing out on precious moments with loved ones.

Be Active, Involved and Independent.

We are changing the way New Zealanders view and experience aging.

New Zealand's #1 Joint Support - Now made in Professional Grade

The same fast-acting, long-lasting, natural Koru FX formula taken to the next level.

Designed with Experts

Developed with physiotherapists to create the perfect formula for massage and optimal joint, muscle and tendon coverage.

Professional Grade

Professional grade support for all joints whether you're an athlete, health practitioner or regular user. Especially effective on backs, shoulders, hips and knees.

Natural Ingredients, Backed By Science

Our natural ingredients are not just based on tradition, but also supported by scientific research, ensuring that you receive fast-acting and long-lasting support for your joints, muscles and tendons.